Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Twenty-Two

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"Don't shoot, we give up!"

When monsters from the past are materializing in the present, someone's bound to occupy the same space a dinosaur is trying to take over. What happens? We see the sad result in card #41, as a hapless camper finds himself in the stomach of one... and not in the usual manner, which is down the gullet. No, poor Harry's atoms are merged with the creature's, prompting the only humane response from his pal with the gun... a quick end.

Meanwhile, that chick on the ground is hot! I think the dude in the suit really just wanted to clear the field so he could get with her; he was pretty quick on the draw there. My analysis is; this uptight bean-counter (who is wearing a suit to go camping; who does that?) was jealous of both his jock friend's gal and his manly pecs. He was waiting for a chance to off him and this was just the opportunity he was hoping for. I'm betting five seconds later Sam had his arm around the distraught woman, "comforting" her as he pressed her ample heaving bosum against his chest.

Below, a classic scene, harkening back to the classic Japanese monster movie posters. Can you name the Godzilla stars pictured?


Bonus:Sticker #6 reveals the dangers that lurk below the surface, as even swimmers hoping to relax and escape the stress of the invasion find themselves in deep trouble. This bloodless diver, bitten in half, was apparently killed for fun, since the dinosaurs throat was too small to swallow anything bigger then some small fish.

Below is a scanned detail from one of the back pages found inside the graphic novel adaptation of the card story. I'll be posting some pages from this after the card set is finished, so don't go anywhere!

"Come on, guys! It's a free smorgasbord!"

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