Friday, May 8, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Fourteen

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Taking revenge for his distant duckie descendants gave the otherwise timid dinosaur a wicked sense of satisfaction.
Above, even the most harmless of dinosaurs, the plant-loving Duckbill, gets in on the action by causing an accident by his sudden appearance. Really, with an animal this inoffensive, the only gore the card writer could come up with was something caused inadvertantly by it's appearance. The irony of a duck hunter blasting another one due to an upset by a Duckbill was a good example of the twisted humor displayed in this awesome set. That one duck in the sky looks as if he's thinking "you go, bro!"

Below, card #26 takes us on a thrill ride into terror, as some happy-go-lucky amusement park patrons (including a little girl) find themselves on an one-way track headed into the gullet of a hungry, hungry dinosaur.

The coaster passengers found the ride to be much more scary that it had been advertised.

Bonus: Sticker #3!

Next: Russia is Red, alright... with BLOOD!

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