Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Eighteen

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"Oh, dear! And I just had it coiffed!"

New York doesn't get too ruffled with dinosaurs roaming around the streets and causing havoc; oh, no, that would be too commonplace. The inhabitants would merely yawn with their "seen it all" attitude and continue on, if not getting personally attacked. No, getting their attention took the reverting of the island of Manhattan to a prehistoric swamp, with all the attendant horrors. Having giant dragonflies nibbling on your noggin, attracted by perfumed hairspray, is not among the usual dangers one encounters in Central Park. And don't even think about taking the subway!

Even the contented, if somewhat bored, zoo animals become victims of the cold-blooded creatures. This card is another reason why this set is so awesome. Why it never caught on widely is a mystery, but it may simply have come out too late to make a splash. The culture was so full of things demanding attention that a pack of bubblegum cards, no matter how sensational or controversial, just wasn't newsworthy like it might have been ten years before.

The zookeeper found himself joining the animals in the endangered species list.

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