Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Twenty-Seven

(Click on images to view in Giganta-Scope!)

"So take me away, I don't mind...but you better promise me, I'll be back in time... Gotta get back in time... Gotta get back in time....Get me back in tiiiiiiime."
For Those Who Came In Late: A Time-Scanner accident brought the dinosaurs into our era, they ate a lot of people and in general were quite disruptive, and now the Scanner has been reversed, returning them to their own epoch in a giant toilet flush and shredding them to boot. The temporal twister acts like a colossal cuisinart food processor, delivering them back to their own time as chunky Saurian Salad. Hooray, mankind is saved! Now, what else is on TV?

Yes, humanity is spared...but not without heart-breaking sacrifices. Card #52 below reveals the final fate of the man most responsible for the disaster. Although accidental, fate can't let Elias Thorne escape without paying the price, which he does in the fiery grip of the Devil Dinosaur... a spiritual being with a hellish agenda. And a bad case of the uglies.

"But I saved fifteen percent on my car insurance with Geico!"

Elias Thorne's image was based upon that of the writer of the card story, Gary Gerani. On the card's back below we see an actual picture of the writer as he portrays the character's final farewell.

The final sticker in the set, pictured below, wraps up the series with a T-Rex gnoshing on a rad skateboarder, that to the hungry beast was like a Meals On Wheels.

Next: It's all over but the crying as we look at the last two cards in the set.


Scott said...


Great blogsite! It's now on my bloglist. I'd never seen these dinsaur cards before...thanks for sharing them! Take care!

Dex said...

Thanks for posting this series. Loads of fun!