Friday, May 1, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Nine

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On the bright side, he wouldn't drown, which had always been a phobia of his.

You gotta feel sorry for the dude's hopeless situation on card #17... He's about to be swallowed by a shark, which in turn is going to be eaten by Gorgo there. That's tough... getting eaten twice! A double jeapardy, kind of like going to the hospital for a kidney stone, then catching a much more serious and contagious staph infection making the rounds... but without the sharp teeth and the screaming and chewing and being digested.

Below, we see from card #18 that even the nation's revered national monuments are not safe from desecration by the dinosaurs, which nest on the presidential heads and feed tourists to their young.

Ironically, the gawkers watching the grisly carnage through the telescopes at the tourist center made easy pickings for the flying lizards.

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