Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Eleven

(Click images to view bronto-sized!)

"Oh, my God! What a disaster! Now I'll have to eat at Hardees!"

An American institution falls before a burger-hungry bronto. To be fair, he was a bit put out because - not a minute before - he had patiently waited at the drive-through, only to find out his order was completely screwed up. Things worked out, though, as he discovered that the employees were hotter, juicier and fresher than the menu products, although they did leave a greasy aftertaste. Notice that one particularly hungry customer is stopping to gather up the lunch order they dropped, even as another customer becomes a lunch order not five feet away.

Card #22 demonstrates that ignorance can kill, as a clueless dinosaur stumbles into a nest of high-tension wires, only to be electrocuted. Several helpless bystanders also felt the buzz, sharing in the fiery fate of the maurading monster. Even worse, due to the power outage, thousands of upset TV viewers in the area missed out on the results of the final box being opened on "Deal Or No Deal."

One of the most "shocking" events to occur during the invasion.

Next: Party sunny with an 80% chance of death by dinosaur!
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leesa said...

Thanx so much for these!!!

I've never ever found downloads of cool Trading Cards that are this High-res!

You be da mang!!!


leesa said...

Oops... And.... I hope you find that missing card so you can post it in High-Res too!!!


Frederick said...


Glad you are enjoying the posts, dripped out two cards at a time though they may be! Perhaps, that is a sneaky way of getting people to come back to the blog often?

Nah, it's just easier that way.

I'm confident that someone will turn up with that missing card... someday!