Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Twenty-One

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"They tickle! For God's sake, get them off, I can't stand it!"
It's Day 21 in the seige of humanity, and things are looking grim for the human race. When you're getting your behind kicked by some harmless trilobites, it's almost time for the fat lady to sing. I mean, freaking out when you're getting chewed by a carnivorous giant lizard with razor-sharp teeth is understandable, but screaming in terror because your face is getting scratched slightly means you've just given up, man.

If you've come with a bloodthirsty taste for gore, I'm afraid that your appetite will go unsated today. The two cards featured this time are light on the fear and heavy on the fun. Below, a small and outmatched dinosaur gets roughhoused by upstaged wrestlers. But never fear, there is a lot of put-on and nobody gets seriously hurt. You did know wrestling is fake... didn't you?

"Stay down, you fool! We're supposed to win this one!"

Next: A Guy That Really Gets Into Dinosaurs!

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