Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Twenty-Six

(Click on images to view stomach-turning scans.)
"And now, a nice tasty snaAAAAAAAAAKKK!!"

It appears that Helen finally managed to reach that button, and the end arrives... for the dinosaurs, not humanity. Not content with simply returning them to the past, the reversal rips their bones from their flesh, killing them all and sending them back as mangled corpses. Now we know what really caused the massive dinosaur extinction... Man. Yes, who was really the monster here?

Below, card #50 indeed lives up to its title, as one would be hard pressed to come up with a more gruesome fate than essentially going through a blender and becoming a meat milkshake.

"Auntie Em, it's a twister, it's a twister!"

Sticker #10 shows a complete lack of respect for the law enforcement officers, as a rebellious young triceratops protests racial profiling.

Bonus: a preview scene from a future (unpublished) issue of the Dinosaurs Attack graphic novel. Select pages of artwork from the first issue will be forthcoming after the card set is finished.


monsterscholar said...

Eww...dino smoothie.

leesa said...
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leesa said...

Thanx so much for all of these great cards... and your tremendous effort!!!