Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Twelve

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How It Started:

"Hey, guys... these are scrumpscious! You have GOT to try one!"

Day 12 kicks off with something a bit diferent; spotlighting a couple of the stickers included in the set. I'll start sprinkling these in as we go along from now on. The gore isn't lessened on these at all, as you might expect from something that would probably end up on a kid's bookbag. In #1, we see a grinning Allo that has just bitten the head off of a businessman, much like one would do a gingerbread cookie. This blood-spurting art is offset by a scholastic lesson on the flip side, obstensibly so that when the teacher confiscates the item, the kid can claim it's part of his "educational research."

Below, sticker #2 demonstrates how deadly the deceptively cute plant-eating Anky could be, as it rips the guts out of a person with a swing of it's club-like tail. Shown on a previous card chowing down on a horse, one can only assume that peer pressure accounted for it's switch to a meateater.

Artwork from the back of the "Dinosaurs Attack!" graphic novel.

The priest reminds the creature that the cross was once a death-dealing instrument.
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