Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Twenty-Five

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"Nooo! Not green slobbers on my new imported Berluti loafers!!!"
At last, now we know what evil intelligence was behind the attack on mankind... the Dinosaur Devil is revealed as it attempts to stop the plan to send the dinosaurs back in time. Resembling the biblical Beast, this hellish creature certainly was trying to bring an Apocalypse of his own. Meanwhile, Elias continues his running commentary as it happens, on the back of the card... quite a verbal feat as he is being killed!

Below, the climactic drama increases as his fellow scientist/model (who accessorizes beautifully) struggles to just... press.. the... red... button... as it hovers a tantalizing few inches away; while still looking all hot 'n sexy doing it.

"For God's sake, Helen, just press the damn button already!"

I can just imagine the feverish, breathless excitement as the kids read the dramatic end to the story, one card at a time. What's going to happen?? Can they stand it???

Meanwhile, on sticker card #9, the poor inoffensive Trachodon, unable to participate in the bloody carnage, makes do with shaking a streetlight to death.

This card was really scary if you were a lazy city electrical worker.

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