Friday, May 22, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Twenty-Four

(Click to view Supersaurus size!)

On the bright side, the bloody, live onscreen demise of the
news anchors boosted the ratings to a new all-time high.

Having a news production studio close to an outside door is not only impractical for sound insulation, but it offers no barrier against walk-in dinosaurs intent on eating the celebrity anchors. The fact they got no warning was most likely due to the management's dissatisfaction with the announcer's salary contracts.

Below, Card #46 reveals the evil hand behind the chaos, when the Dinosaur Devil (probably responsible for perverting the peaceful dinosaur's normal natures) intervenes to halt the efforts to reverse the temporal incursion.

It was at that moment that Elias realised that his internet porn
habit was going to be harder to escape than he imagined.

But just how did the physicist find time among the events to make his real-time report, revealed on the back of the card below? Perhaps he was continually dictating into a digital recorder as it all happened, a true scientist to the crushing, burning end...

Sticker #8 shows us the real purpose of the Stegosaurus' tail spines, put to good use silencing the bothersome boombox-carrying teens who have no respect for peace and quiet.

"Oh, man... that felt good!"

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