Friday, May 29, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Twenty-Eight

(Click on images to view in Super-Duper-Spectra-Scopic-Zoomoramascope!)
You could accurately say that the whole affair ended with a bang.

Here we are, with the last two cards in the set (excluding #55, which is only a card title checklist and synopsis that I'm saving for the next post.) And what a wild and exciting trip it's been! Not to mention occasionally hair-raising, often stomach-turning, but always fun. For some reason, as we see on card #53, the reversal of the Time Scanner caused a catastrophic overload, resulting in the fiery end of the space station. Fortunately, Helen manages to escape in the nick of time. Too bad about the rest of the crew, but sacrifices must be made.

The first thing evacuated was the bowels of the technicians who were 35 seconds away from reaching the escaping shuttle.

In the last card, below, we see the devastation and destruction left in the wake of the reptilian rampages. Poor Helen seems in shock, which is pretty understandable, with all she's been through. But part of the dazed look on her face is accounted for by the realization of something else. Yes, it's just setting in how much money she can make selling her book on the only official account of the events that caused and then ended the attack.

Helen hugged herself as she thought about the huge advance for the book rights... and movie!

Below we read the final paragraph of Helen's book, written and published in only a month. She's now dating the president of the Miami Yacht Club and living in an exclusive beachfront condo which came through the destruction remarkably unscathed. All's well that ends well!

Or.... IS IT?????? Yeah, probably.

Below, the introduction page of the graphic novel, leading up to the next week's look at some of the artwork found inside, as Helen inexplicably becomes a blond. See you there!

If they think what they're looking at is scary, wait til they turn around!

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