Friday, May 15, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Nineteen

As we continue with our up-close look at the Dinosaurs Attack cards and artwork, we come to the card that served as the basis for the box art, which was made to attract the attention to the cards for sale. This image certainly is an eye-catcher, and seems to be the one that sums up the events best. Note that Lady Liberty seems to be made of concrete rather than a copper-covered metal frame; she's crumbling like a hollow cookie there. Also, I doubt whether 200 tourists would ever be inside the statue at one time, as the card back reports. But these are minor quibbles not worth mentioning. Although I just did.

This next card really hits home, considering that most of the cards were collected by the same types that would frequent a comic book store, which is where I found them. I think it's hysterically funny, but pretty much accurate, in it's portrayal of the comic fan clinging to his treasures in the midst of a massacre by a dinosaur!

"Thank God he ate only my best friend and not my comics!"

The back of the card, done in comic book style, is as funny and pointed as the front. Just another example of why these cards are loved by the few that actually found them.

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Dex said...

That's exactly what the recent Air Force One photo needed...dinosaurs!