Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scream #6: "The Vampire of the Opera"

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In the summer of 1974, I was 15 years old and living outside of my hometown of Macon, GA. I picked this awesome issue of Scream up at Chi-Chesters pharmacy on Vineville Ave there, on a weekend I was staying at my Grandma's house, which was a haven where I had some freedom from the oppression at home. This story, obviously inspired by 1972's "Blacula," even borrows the look of the character, almost duplicating promotional images from the movie in several frames as you can see from the poster below. But I can say that it does come to a more horrifying conclusion than the movie, and portrays the vampire brother as more of a true monster rather than a sympathetic victim as he is in the movies.

I posted another scan from this same issue earlier, in case you missed it: "The Death of Frankenstein."

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