Friday, April 24, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Four

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Proving that they aren't discriminate about who or what they eat, the dinosaurs even chow down on the denizens of the nation's capitol.
Dinosaurs are apparently smarter than they were given credit for, often multi-tasking and killing several people at one time using various appendages. Here a Secret Service man gets casually decapitated, mid-curse, by the wing of the Pteranodon carrying away the President. The First Lady fares no better, suffering the horror of being chewed AND disemboweled at the same time, all while kicking and screaming. Too bad about the pearl necklace, though...

Ironically, Barney had only just narrowly missed being run over by a car.

Above, we have easily the most disturbing card, depicting a poor helpless mutt being stepped on. Sure, they can maim and massacre people, but kill a dog and they've gone too far! (The flat cat in the background is hilarious, though.) Sad though it is, the artist showed considerable restraint... the blood and guts that one might expect to be squishing out are notably absent in this one. Perhaps they felt it went far enough as it was, considering how kids love their pets, without pushing it. A big jet of bloody poop hitting the girl's dress would have been a nice touch, though...

Next: "I now pronounce thee man and....AAAAUUUUURRRRGH!"
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suzanne said...

I've been enjoying your monster cards! They remind me of the weird little bubble gum cards I loved as a child. I've never seen these however. And that's probably a good thing. I likely wouldn't have slept for weeks!