Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Monster Times Star Trek Special #2: Part One

In 1974, while perusing the latest issue of The Monster Times I had just picked up, I saw an advertisement for both the Sci-Fi Special (in magazine format) and the newspaper format Star Trek Special #2. Since my grandmother's house was a haven where I could be myself and read what I wanted, and where I stored my collection of magazines and comics to keep them safe from my stepdad, I ordered both and had them delivered to her house. A few weeks later when I visited again, they had arrived and were waiting for me! It was an exciting afternoon and evening, I can tell you that, as I soaked in all the great stuff contained therein.

Below you will find scans of the issue's first half, with the second half coming soon.

(Click on each image to enlarge. Once open, you may have to click again to view full size.)

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Monster Times article: The Creature Speaks!

Welcome back! We Monster Kids all went cuckoo for The Monster Times, and to celebrate that fact I have started a new group over on Facebook devoted exclusively to it! Go there now and join:

One of our members is Gary Gerani, contributor to TMT and a beloved genre author and expert. Here is his first contribution to TMT, which also happened to be his first professional paying gig!

(Click on images to enlarge. Once the new window is open, you may have to click one more time to view full size.)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Farewell to a Horror Icon! Christopher Lee Passes.

Sad, sad news today, although it took nearly 4 days for it to reach us over here in the U.S., that Christopher Lee passed away at 93 on Sunday, June 7th. Here is a link to an article with more details.

For me personally, Lee was one of those actors who completely dominated any scene he was in. His regal bearing, his intensity of gaze, his expressive hands and fingers, and most of all that incredible voice, all worked together to make his every appearance riveting, even when he was still. And when he burst into action, it was electrifying, and often terrifying!

My first real memory of Lee was in his most famous role of Dracula, when I was about 11. The middle school I was attending used to show films in the auditorium on certain days, for an admission of 10 cents. The first one I attended was "Dracula Has Risen From the Grave," (which is still my favorite to this day), and what an impression it made on me! Of course, I had seen pictures of  Lee in monster magazines like FM, but seeing him on the big screen was a new experience and I was a lifelong fan.

In memoriam of the greatest horror actor who ever lived (who hated being known as such, but really did his best work there), who showed his class, talent and greatness in many ways and roles, here is a link to all the posts on this blog about him and his films. We will miss you, Sir Lee, and will always remember you!