Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Six

"'The basement is the safest place to hide,' he says! Why did we listen?"

Day Six starts off with an apology. It was only after starting this series of posts that I realised I was missing a few cards here and there in the set, and #11 is one of them. I scrounged around online and found the front and back of the card, but unfortunately they are not large images; what you see is pretty much it. It's too bad, also, since this card features a good shot of a guy re-enacting the scene in "Jaws" where Quint meets his fate. I wouldn't place a bet on the babe-in-arms faring any better. And I'd really like to have a hi-rez scan here, because that sure looks like the fellow on the left is using a circular saw to cut a slab off of the dinosaurs's back!

It looks like the basement was not a good place to hide, since if you get trapped there's nowhere to run, as Ben pointed out in "Night of the Living Dead." The fact he was wrong in that movie (and everyone paid the price) doesn't invalidate the point, 'specially when you have burrowing dinos sniffing you out!

Alright, back to the regularly scheduled hi-rez show, as card #12 takes us out to the ballgame!

(Click on card to view in giant gore-a-vision!)
It's Dinos 3, Falcons 0 as the fourth inning gets underway.

One player about to be swallowed, two ripped-asunder halves of another in his claws, and still another trapped underfoot to be eaten next... looks like this Thunder Lizard is really making a splash on the sports page. Read all about it below!

Next: Concert-goers get their money's worth!

Suddenly, the kids in the audience no longer thought the circus was lame.

Bonus painting from the "Dinosaurs Attack!" graphic novel, to make up for the missing card #11. NOTE TO COLLECTORS: If you have an extra #11, I have extras in the set I will trade for it... or just scan it in at hi-rez and email it to me, and I'll post it giving you credit.

All "Dinosaurs Attack!" images and logos (TM) & Copyright (c) of The Topps Co., Inc.


Patrick said...

Hey Fred, been a while! Thanks for the awesome posts on these Dinosaur cards- I was never aware of them, but after glancing at these posts, I jumped on eBay and ordered a full set! Looking forward to getting them. Thanks again!!

Frederick said...


Glad to see you back! Also glad you are getting the set, you'll get a kick out of them. They're some of my favorite cards.

Steve Ring said...

Actually, hiding in the basement is Cooper's idea. Ben was the one who didn't like the idea and he was wrong. If they'd hidden in the basement NOTLD wouldn't have been much of a horror movie because they likely would have all survived (except Cooper's daughter).

Frederick said...

Absolutely right! How a big NOTLD fan like myself let that slip through is beyond me. Of course Cooper thought the basement was a great place and Ben didn't.

Thanks for the tip! I'm correcting it in the text now, but be it known now and forevermore that you caught my mistake in saying Cooper pointed it out.