Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Seven

(Click on images to see in realistic Dino-Vision!)

Things get a bit hairy at the concert as the crowd goes wild!

Day Seven of the Dinosaurs Attack month brings us to card #13, as a rock concert gets slightly wilder. The rockers got off remarkably light, losing only their multi-colored locks to the plant-eaters. Not much blood here, just the shock of having the hair pulled out by the roots, but the cocaine buzz probably dulled it somewhat anyway, as they most likely thought they were having a bad trip.

Card #14, however, gets back into the good stuff as a couple of dinos, in a snacking mood, peel open a tin can of densely-packed Tiny Tot Treats and dig in. Mmm-mmm, they're better when they're Young 'N Tender!

Below is a bonus painting from the back of the graphic novel adaptation;
the look on the piper's face is priceless!

Next: The Colonel is torn between two courses of action!

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