Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Eight

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"Share, and share alike" was the two pals' motto!

Today's 8th close-up look at the cards of Dinosaurs Attack starts with one of the goriest in the set... a nightmarish image of a military man being ripped in half by two hungry monsters, with flying bits of entrails. Without the wry and dark humor in the other cards, this one is sheer horror without anything to temper it or bring a nervous chuckle. More than a few cards after this begin to illustrate the terror in more graphic images, with some invoking a feeling of despair shared by the helpless and doomed victims. For horror movie fans like myself, this was the good stuff, without all the laughs. For the impressionable kids, I'm sure it inspired some bad dreams! The last line of the back of the card below prophetically hints at the bloodletting to come...

Only the request to "send more scientists" gave away that the message was faked by the very intelligent dinosaurs.

Below on card #16, the adorable Ankylosaurus warns away the threatening farmer with a slight wave of it's tail. Somehow, his injuries look a little more fatal than the back of the card reports, with him being "rushed to the hospital." Meanwhile, in the background, some obliging Pteranodons take a couple of happy cows for a joyriding flight around the barnyard.

Next: About to get eaten... twice!

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Dex said...

Send more scientists...nice!
Thanks for that chuckle at the start of the day