Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Frankenstein: The True Story 1973 article

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Clipped from the Ft. Lauderdale, FL News on Nov. 30, 1973.

I had posted a smaller clipping on this before, here.

Few realised that the Monster's disposition was due to the hemorrhoids that came with the pre-used body he had been given.



Funny and possibly sad story. I saw FRANKENSTIEN THE TRUE STORY when it first aired. I was seven at the time and even though I probably should have known better I thought the title meant that there really HAD been a Frankenstien Monster.

The world was a much more interesting place for me until my Dad explained the title to me a few weeks later.

Frederick said...


That is funny! At that age our little minds take things more literally, don't they? And the title was a bit misleading. Heck, there was probably some adults that thought the same thing! :)

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