Monday, June 8, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Thirty-Three

And, here we are at the last entry on "My Monster Memories" of our thirty-three day retrospective on the little-known 1998 card set "Dinosaurs Attack" by Topps. I hope you've enjoyed seeing them in large-size scans, something not done anywhere else on the web (so far) that I'm aware of. We wrap up the look at the Eclipse graphic novel with this two-page article about the card series...

(Click on images to view larger scans.)

And below is the two-page title and credits. A number of artists contributed, as you can see from the names listed. This under-appreciated card set and comic can be had pretty cheaply online, if you want to own them for yourself. And as mentioned, I have some duplicates in case you need to complete a set; email me and let me know what numbers you need and we'll talk about it!

As with all posts on this topic, all of the copyrights are owned by Topps Cards and/or Eclipse Comics.


Anonymous said...

Was there just 1 comic book? When I checked Mile High Comics, it said 1 of 3, but only 1 was available. Some for ebay.

Enjoyed the run very much. Thank you.

D Billman

Frederick said...

Sadly, the one issue is all that was ever put out, for whatever reason. It may have been due to poor sales of the first issue, based as it was on cards that were themselves little-known. I'd like to know the official reason myself.