Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Thirty-One

(Click on images to view in Magno-Vision!)

"Hey," I can hear you exclaim as you sit in front of your screen today. "What's this? I thought you already ran all of the cards. What gives?" Well, my friend, you are right, I did finish posting the entire "Dinosaurs Attack!" set, but these are bonus cards printed on the back cover of the graphic novel that I've been spotlighting for the last few days. There are four total, and you may notice that the first one is a "preview" card for a sequel story! I put the word "preview" in quotations because there was never meant to be another series of cards as far as I know, but they thought it would be fun to tease the readers with what might have been.

The rest of the bonus cards fit within the existing story, and it's kind of a shame they didn't make it into the set, as they are quite memorable. But then, a bonus is something good that's extra, and these fit the bill!

The rest of today's post consists of three more pages from the comic, painted by Earl Norem. Every panel is a joy to view in close-up detail.

More chaos and carnage to come on the morrow!


Dex said...

I may just use that Seasons Bleedings to send as a holiday card to a few friends :)
Will you be posting the entire graphic novel or just the dinoriffic parts?

Frederick said...


I've planned on just posting the Earl Norem painted pages, since they are the best, and very similar to the cards. The rest are done in line drawing style like most comics of the period and really don't warrent posting, at least to my thinking. Also, since the expanded plot is never resolved by subsequent issues, I didn't see much point in it. Norem's pages are the best thing about it, really.