Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Announcing (another) New Blog!

No, Monster Memories couldn't contain everything I collected when I was a kid and teen, even though I've squeezed in posts on "The Time Machine" and "Forbidden Planet" several times. As I went through my collections, I realised I was going to need to start a blog devoted just to the movies, TV shows, magazines, comics, books, cards, etc., that were more science fiction than horror. So, I have created "Fantastic Flashbacks" for that other fun area of interest I've always had. You'll see of course the three "R's" of sci-fi... Rockets, Robots and Rayguns; but much more from the many SF TV shows and movies I've loved over the decades. You never know what you'll find there... intelligent apes, superheroes, the women of sci-fi, or UFOs.

Hope you join me soon over at www.FantasticFlashbacks.blogspot.com and add it to your list of favorites!


Anonymous said...

New to Your Blog.
I am a GIANT Forbidden Planet Fan. I hope you don't mind requests? If you have larger jpegs of the Forbidden Planet pictures can you post them? Maybe a zip file.
I had the web address for a school that had these in large formats and since my last computer is gone so in the web address.
Thanks for this great site.

Frederick said...


Thanks for writing, glad you enjoyed it! The images that load when you click the in-post version are the largest I have available. Some are quite large, scanned in and posted at nearly 8 MB each, but others are the original size I found it in, and no larger.

Wish I could help more!

Anonymous said...

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