Saturday, June 27, 2009

1979 "Cracked" spoof of Alien

(Click on images to view larger size.)

This time, the collection cabinet opens to my copy of Cracked #164, published in November of 1979. As usual with Severin, the art is crisp and clean with an eye toward set and costume accuracy, and the actor likenesses are impeccable; except for the alien, which resembles his "talking blob" character with an extra set of teeth. Enjoy!

You may know about my new blog, "Fantastic Flashbacks," focused on science fiction, as opposed to monsters like this one. Of course there is sometimes a crossover between the genres and it's hard to make a distinction between whether a film item goes in one or the other. This movie is a good example; "Alien" may be science fiction, set in space with ships and such; but it's more about a monster than scientific or speculative fiction. So, I made the decision to put it on My Monster Memories. But both blogs are sheer nostalgic fun, so visit both, okay?


Matt said...

I remember this one, in fact I probably still have the issue somewhere in the collection. I read it so many times back in the day that each of these frames is burned into my retinas. Too much? Ok. Thanks for the flashback on this one!



I had this one too, 80's era CRACKED magazines was one of my favorite reads. I found it much funnier than MAD.

Who remembers the Talking Blob?

Frederick said...

Matt and Al,

Thanks for commenting! These old mags were so important to us back then, that the memories they conjure up now are even more important. The whole reason I do these blogs!

And yeah, the Talking Blob showed up a lot back then! He he was a funny as he was hungry.