Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thrills & Chills Issue #2

Today's Monster Memories are of:
Scholastic's "Thrills and Chills" magazine #2

Published in 1994, the "Thrills and Chills" magazine by Scholastic was made available for ordering to schoolchildren. My daughter was in the second grade when she got three issues second hand from a friend who was through with them. We put them with the Halloween books that we saved and put out each year with the inside decorations. I thought I'd scan some pages in of those three issues we have for your enjoyment. The pages scanned this time are from Issue #2. The riff on "American Gothic" with the Monster and the Bride is genius!

A note here about my posts; I have just about become paralyzed lately when it comes to posting. You want to know why? Well, I'll tell you. I would go through my stuff and think 'here's a neat item to share" and scan it in, or write a blog on a certain subject, and then I'd find out that someone else in the circle of blogs I regularly visit had already done a post on it! They would either have posted the exact same item, or written about the same topic, and usually better. And I'd end up deleting the post I had prepared, or in some cases already posted. It got discouraging. I felt I'd come too late to the party, and someone else had already given the same present I brought to the birthday kid. It happened again with this post, and I said, "another blog entry down the toilet!" I had my hand on the handle ready to flush, via the "delete" button.

But then I realised that if I kept on doing that, I'd never post again, because it's almost impossible to post something completely unique. Someone, somewhere has already done it. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't. Perhaps I could bring some slightly unique perspective or memory to the table, and maybe my readers simply hadn't seen the other already.

So, I'm not going to avoid a subject or item because another blogger has already done it. I'm not going to worry about it or become paranoid. If they did it, well, I'm doing it too. Hope that's alright with you.

Halloweephemera:To the right is a candy bag I saved from a party I went to as a kid.

A Halloween card I got some years ago. I save them all and display them each year. I'll share more with you over the month of Halloween... I mean, October. And I'll also share many of the books in our Halloween bookshelf, as well as photos of our decorations. Hope you enjoy it!


Soiled Sinema said...

Oh my god.

I forgot all about this magazine!

Frederick said...


Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Hope seeing it again brought back some good memories.

zombiefeast said...

wow, i used to get these too. I wish I knew where they all disappeared to.
oh and i came across your blog searching for Fangoria Scans, i just saw the Zombie one, that was great. I really wish some one or ones would scan the entire Fangoria collection and torrent it up. I miss all those old issues.
Anyways awesome blog.

Frederick said...


Thanks for stopping in, glad you found it and hope you come back often.

I wonder sometimes about things I've not seen in a long time. I hardly ever throw anything like that away, and they're probably buried in my collection cases, waiting to be discovered again.

Glad you liked the Fango stuff, I have a lot of the early issues (including the first) and will be posting more from them as time goes by.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

zombiefeast, since your post was made, the entire Fangoria collection WAS scanned and upped as a torrent. Keep looking if you haven't already found it by now!

Greg Maxwell said...

i had these thrills and chills magazines when i was in grade school [atleast the first 3 issues]. i was born in the mid eighties. and they were a fantastic way of learning about early horror films, and monster movies. although the magazines are long gone in my house it is nice to know some people still have them.

i remember at one point when you ordered the magazines they offered a collection of small booklets one on zombies, one on ghosts and i forget the third, [probably vampires or something] and i remember a picture of this one zombie cover terrified me to no end, being the age i was, thinking it was a real zombie. ten years later i learned it was a photo of peter cushing in the original tales from the crypt film. i guess the joke was on me.

Frederick said...

Thanks for posting and sharing your memories! I have that small booklet on Zombies, I will scan and post it soon since you mentioned it! Funny story about thinking it was real. Our young minds percieved things differently, didn't they?

Jamie said...

Greg, I remember those booklets as well, and I was terrified of one of the zombie pictures as well! I was born in the mid-80s as well so these magazines provided a similar experience for me. Thanks Frederick for scanning these in!

One thing I would be interested to know is if anybody has any details on how many magazines there were in this series? I have been looking on ebay to buy some and read through them again but have had no luck, and I also haven't been able to find any information online. I believe I have several copies still in the attic but would love to complete my collection for old time's sake and a list of issues would be great as a start so I would know how many and which ones I would need to track down.

Unknown said...

Hi there!

I've recently come upon my old collection of these magazines from when I was a kid - I have issues #1 through #19. I don't have much use for them, but if you still find them entertaining, or have kids that might, I'd love to send them your way instead of throwing them out!

I loved these with their corny jokes and illustrations.

Let me know!


Frederick said...


Thanks for the offer! I do think my readers would enjoy seeing them, a lot of people seemed to remember theme fondly. Email me with details!

Anonymous said...


I was wondering if you could tell me the Nostradamus prediction as featured in edition #1 or #2? I remember reading it ages ago and wondering if it would come true!!

Thanks :)

Frederick said...

Thanks for commenting, the next time I have that magazine out (it's packed away with the Halloween decorations and books) I'll check it out and report back!

Lindsy said...

I was in a book club that had these and many other scary books for children it was the thrills and chills club it was awesome .does anyone know a list of books that came in the packages?

David said...

I have 10 of the Thrill and Chills books. 9 are in excellent condition and 1 is damaged. If anyone would like some info on them let me know. David

eadgwonder said...

If anyone had any of these they would be willing to part with, I'd love to hear from you!!!

Please email me at

eadgwonder said...

I am interested! Please email me at