Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bride Interview article

Today's Monster Memories are of:
An Elsa Lanchester interview from "Monsters of the Movies"
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I've already blogged about a certain issue of "Monsters of the Movies" that I had to go great lengths (literally) to get my sweaty little paws on. While going through the magazine again at the time I was writing that blog, I scanned in for later use this exclusive interview with "The Bride" herself, Elsa Lanchester. The special edition of the magazine, which was their first Annual, was published in 1975.

I'll be away on long-weekend vacation for the next few days, so my content won't change until next Tuesday, Sept. 9th. For those of you that enjoy my daily sidebar features, the Poster Memory, the Super 8 Memory and the Magazine Memory, I apologise. I'll be back soon, Lord willing and the creek don't rise from Hannah!

I'm trying to get packed right now and get my work done ahead of time, so this post will be by necessity a short one, depending on the article scan itself to entertain. No lengthy, misty-eyed, nostalgia-dripping reminiscing about what I was doing about the time this came out. No, you'll have to do without that this time (enough cheering!) and just read the article. Any insight into the life and work of the impishly-enchanting Elsa is always a bonus. Hope you enjoy it!

"Come on, my little lovebird... gimme a chance! It's my bolts, ain't it?"

Before I depart for lands unknown, here is a little extra; a scan from a 1965 comic book I made a few days ago. It's an earlier, original version of the familiar 70's ad (posted below it for comparision), and more primitive. Notice the different drawing of Frankie that was used back then.

The original 60's ad.

The more familiar 70's version. If you'll notice, the Monster added a foot to his height somewhere down the line! He also got a screw in the middle of his forehead, presumably for tightening up his brain pan.

Here's an ad for Monster Photos scanned from the same comic book, printed in 1965. They're "monster-riffic!"


Unknown said...

Thanks for the post and sharing the interview and perceptions of Elsa Lanchester and all. This is great task you are doing.Elsa enjoy your weekend vacation. I hope you will update your blog regularly.

Ivan said...

I just discovered your sites via Arbogast on Film. You have some great stuff!
Thanks for the hard work (and for giving me more excuses to goof off at work),

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just saw 80's gem,"The Re
Animator" here but no way to purchase the DVD(if there is one)
Could you give more info on this?
Thanks, Jack C

Anonymous said...

I ordered that 6-foot Frankenstein monster when I was a kid in the late 60's. Man, was I disappointed when a big, plastic poster showed up! Not what I'd expected. (Nor were the xray glasses)

Hung it up on my closet door. Yes, the eyes did glow at night.

Frederick said...


I bet every single kidthat ordered just about anything from the comics back then was let down by what it actually was. It seemed that the copywriters went out of their way to misrepresent the item by carefully phrasing the text to be misleading and leaving out certain details. Probably the biggest ripoff was the Polaris Sub which was just made out of cardboard. They really played on us kid's innocence and naivite.