Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tumbleweeds: Restless Night In The Graveyard

Today's Monster Memories are of:
A"Tumbleweeds" comic strip

"Home Is Where The Crypt Is"

The "Tumbleweeds" newspaper comic strip (Read the Wiki entry) wasn't really a favorite of mine, but I liked this one enough to clip it when it ran in the Sunday funnies on January 27, 1974. Any comic character who sleeps in a vault inside a crypt appeals to my weird sensibilities, so into the monster scrapbook it went. You can see the tape marks that held it on the lined notebook pages.

You can click on any panel ta 'xamine in high rez if you gits the itchin' ta do it.

And that's my kind of bedtime story! One that might give a young feller, as Elvira says, "unpleasant dreams!"

Okay, so it's not the greatest post ever... but I'm going through the Sacred Childhood Scrapbook, and sometimes I taped lame things in there. You want your money back, please go the the window marked "refunds," and take your place in line. Oh, you might want to bring a port-a-potty.

One more item before I go; here's a political cartoon I clipped about the same time that you might enjoy seeing...


Dave Tackett said...

Not a bad post at all, Tumbleweeds was always a decent comic strip, not a favorite but not one I skipped over (e.g. Cathy).

Love the DVDs picture, I can recognize a few by their color alone (The Star Trek movies), but they're not alphabetized! How long does it take to find a movie?

Frederick said...


I tried alphabetizing them, but it meant moving a whole lot down when I added one... no good. Some are grouped according to genre or theme, like the ST movies and other series of DVDs. If they are standalone films, they're pretty much on the shelf in the order I bought and added them. Christmas is all together, though.

It does get a little tough finding a title sometimes, I get a crick in my neck bending it to the right!

Mr. Karswell said...

On the contrary Fred, this has been one of my favorite posts here yet. Hilarious. T.K. Ryan is awesome in my opinion, it's not easy to create such wonderfully stylized characters as he ddi with Tumbleweeds and give them so much personality and appeal.