Thursday, August 14, 2008

Forbidden Planet Part 3

With this I wrap up my multi-part post on my favorite Sci-Fi movie. It does have a monster in it, the "Monster From the Id," so it qualifies for a place on Monster Memories. But there's no denying that the two main attractions were Altaira and Robby. Which is perhaps why so many of the earlier lobby cards and publicity photos featured them both together. I might also add than more than one Monster Kid has fond, hormone-stirring memories of Altaira's toes.

"Let me help you out of those clothes, miss."

Today's entry looks at the color lobby cards, which showed actual frames from the film, as well as some other goodies. "Please fasten your seat belts, gentlemen."

Behind the scenes shot showing Robby's top-secret inner workings.

Series of wardrobe test photos showing some outfits that were used, as well as several that weren't. No larger size images available, sorry!

This movie had everything going for it, and it still a joy to watch. Put it on and enjoy it again soon! I just took out my deluxe Special Edition tin, and am stilled amazed by it.

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