Saturday, August 9, 2008

Forbidden Planet Part 1

Well, this blog started off with good intentions... then the sheer possibilities of what the blog could cover was a bit overwhelming and I posted no more after my first exhaustive entry. I then began one with a more narrow focus which I could handle...

But now, like a rotting creature rising from the moldy grave, IT LIVES AGAIN!!!

There were posts I wanted to make occasionally that didn't fit into the Sweet Skulls format. So rather than let this earlier blog continue to be neglected, I decided to use it to post on the things that fit nowhere else. I'll probably be posting here on a weekly basis.

I'm kicking things off with some images from my all-time favorite Sci-Fi movie, "Forbidden Planet." You might enjoy seeing these images if you haven't before, which highlight the sexy, impish Altaira, played by the lovely Anne Francis. One envies Robby, as Jerry Farnam said! This is only the first entry on the subject, there will be others with more photos and behind the scenes extras!

As a kid and teen I was keenly aware of Forbidden Planet through the monster movie mags and such, but it was one of those seemingly unattainable goals to see it. Finally, when I lived in Ft. Lauderdale FL as a teen, around 1978 I went to a showing at a nearby public library. I took along my Radio Shack flat tape recorder and sat near the projector, taping the whole thing. I was like a dream come true to finally see it! I listened to the tapes of it many time later, projector noise and all. Now I can take out my Special Edition DVD and watch it on the big plasma screen any time I want to. Who would have imagined that, back then? It would have seemed like a science fiction fantasy to me at the time.

Come back soon for more pictures!

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