Saturday, August 16, 2008

Forbidden Planet Part 4

The oldest item in my collection; an original lobbycard. Click on it for a hi-res version.

Sure, I said that the previous entry was the last in my series of posts on "Forbidden Planet" but I don't always make accurate statements... I'm only human and prone to change my mind. And when I came across this retrospect in a 1979 issue of "Cinefantastique," I knew you'd want to see it, so I scanned it in and am presenting it below. Aren't I just the keenest?

"Captain to crew... I am ordering the man responsible for the stag film playing on the monitor screen to step forward for discipline!"

Considering the high regard that the film enjoys now, and the recognition of it's place in film history, it's interesting to read about the indifference the author ran into when searching for details. Now that the film has been digitally restored and lovingly released in a special edition DVD collection, it's hard to remember that nearly 30 years ago when the article was written, that to most people it was just an old movie that ran on TV occasionally. Thankfully that attitude has changed since then.

Click on the pages below to read in higher-resolution.

Okay, there you go, the final part of the Monster Memories look at Sci-fi's reigning king of movies. It was the inspirational father of two television series... "Star Trek" and "Lost In Space."
Gene Roddenberry took the intellectual aspect and expanded upon it to create a rich galaxy of characters within a functional society, that made you think. Irwin Allen took the visual aspect of the ship and robot, and created a gimmick-filled children's program for which you had to turn off your brain to watch.

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