Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Two

(Click on images to view dinosaur-sized!)

Oh, come on, don't look so shocked...

Day Two commences of the Monster Memories hi-rez look at the goriest cards in history, the 1988 "Dinosaurs Attack!" set from Topps. Each weekday you can come back and see in bigscreen horror all the gore and good times in juicy two-cards-per-day chunks. Most of the foreground characters pictured on the cards were based on real people from around the Topps office. For example, Dr. Elias Thorne is based on the cards story writer, Gary Gerani.

A Closer Look:

Why is this dude wearing sunglasses?

"Sir! It's out of control... but I'm cool!"

This technician is seemingly more horrified by what's on his
co-worker's shoulder than anything else around him.

"OMG, would you just LOOK at the DANDRUFF!"

"Where's the beef?"

Re: the last question in the news story.... "YA THINK?"

Next time: The grue gets underway with "Homeroom Horror!"
All "Dinosaurs Attack!" images and logos (TM) & Copyright (c) of The Topps Co., Inc.

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