Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Three

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"Children, walk, don't run to the nearest exit in an orderly fashion!"
Day Three of the attack of the dinosaurs gets underway with the first arrival of the gore everyone talks about when these cards come up... and what an arrival it is! Kids, no less, being devoured alive, with nothing left to the imagination. No, purple dinosaurs aren't cute and fun to play with, the children find out, as the bloody body count begins. But, it was a good day for the usual teacher who was out sick, and the frog, who fortunately escaped the carnage and probable dissection. Counseling was made available for the traumatized surviving children... until the counselors were eaten also.

Gripped by a mob mentality, the normally docile and plant-eating Stegosaurus were incited by all the violence to join in and stick one to The Man.

I love the sensationalistic reporting in the "news article" above. If real newspapers were this luridly descriptive they would be a lot more interesting! "Two people were killed last night in a one-car auto accident on Highway 95. The driver was mangled beyond recognition by the impact with the concrete bridge support, his skull destroyed and bloody brain matter splattered all over the hood of the vehicle. The passenger was folded up like an overnight suitcase, internal organs oozing from several bodily orifices. The tragedy was so sickening that one of the first policemen on the scene vomited for five minutes."

Next: Washington Gets It!

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CRwM said...

Shame about teach gettin' eaten though, she was kind of a looker.