Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Night Stalker

This post was originally made on my Movie Ad blog, "Held Over!" but in case you missed it there, it fits here just fine (better, really) since there were a lot of monsters in it. The fall of 1974, when I was 15, was a memorable one, what with Kung Fu still on, and Night Stalker and Planet of the Apes starting up. These ads were clipped from the TV Guide and the article from the Macon Telegraph.

Since I only got to watch night-time TV when I went to my Grandmas's house, not at home, (at least, not what I wanted) I only saw a few of the Night Stalker episodes. But, I enjoyed them, and of course clipped out any article or TV Guide spotlights that I came across. I have lately been enjoying the DVD release of the show, and it takes me back to the 70's every time.


Unknown said...

I bought the series, along with the 2 made for tv movies, a little over a year ago. They bring back some great memories.

Dash MacBastard said...

God I love that show.
"Chopper" was my all time favorite.