Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Monster Times LIVES!!!

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Timeless genre classics like "Werewolves On Wheels" grace every two-color cover.

Yes, you heard (or read) the title correctly: The Monster Times newspaper from the 70's is returning! And we have the fine fanged folks at Fangoria to thank for it. They are going to be making available every issue of the late, great monster paper via digital download!

This is great news. I own 30 issues that I bought back when they were being published, and a look over this blog's reposting of elements and covers from it shows my affection for it. But they are a pain to scan the oversized newspaper-format pages, and require page scans in sections and stitching them back together in Photoshop. So not as many articles from it get posted here, as often as I'd like to. Also I would love to be able to read the issues I missed, so this is going to be a real boon to fans like me.

Here is the page to watch:

And, they plan on releasing NEW issues in the future! Something to look forward to...

UPDATE: well, it looks like the excitement of the above post was premature... as of 01-31-2010, the site link above seems to be down. I suppose it was too much to hope for! But since this project is so delayed, I am starting to post more articles from this publication myself, so click on the "Monster Times" tag on the right to see all the posts that feature it! Also visit my other blog, "My Star Trek Scrapbook," and look for the same tag there to see the Trek-related articles.


Anonymous said...

I'd seen a few of these here and there, but I don't own any. It'll be great to be able to check more of them out!

Fred said...

The kid in me just did a triple back flip. Back when I was a kid, each new issue of The Monster Times and Famous Monsters was a reason to cheer. Heck, I even got my picture in one of the issues, along with a bunch of friends, during the Godzilla for President campaign in '72 (considering it was Nixon vs. McGovern, even Mothra would have made a better Prez).

Ivan said...

This is mindblowing news, especially since I didn't think anybody remembered TMT.

Great site, Monster Memories! Thanks!

Jim Thompson said...

That's terrific. I loved it, read it and bought it when it came out, but still am miffed that they never sent me their Special or Annual or whatever, which I paid for by mail-order. Never even received a letter or refund, and I was a young kid, so their business practices weren't quite credible. If you look at older issues, they also lifted material from other magazines without proper copyright credit for those reprints. Nevertheless, fun magazine.