Monday, January 12, 2009

Part 2: Drac Has Risen...

My Monster Memories today are of:
Issue #6 of the "Dracula Lives" magazine
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I bought the above "Dracula Lives" magazine at a corner convenience store in Macon, GA on the way to school in 1974. I bought every issue of this awesome magazine I could find, and was glad to see that this one covered my favorite Hammer Drac movie, "Dracula Has Risen From The Grave." Since I my past entry was on this very subject, I thought I'd post this article for your enjoyment before moving on to the next.

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Fred said...

I remember taking all of my third grade class to see this for my birthday back in '73. One of the kids got teased mercilessly for crying during this one. I'm still surprised we didn't get a call from his mom after my party, but then I guess he was psyched that I let him have one of the extra McDonald's cheeseburgers (this was in the old days, when kids parties were in your parents' garage or backyard, or the local bowling ally or movie theater). Thanks for the memories of this fun film, even if it is filled with kids' logic (the staking doesn't work if you don't say a prayer, Dracula lands on a conveniently placed cross he forgot was there, etc).