Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Castle of Frankenstein article on "Kolchak: The Night Stalker"

From the collection cabinet this time comes issue #25 of the fondly-remembered Castle of Frankenstein, published June of 1975. First up, the beautiful painted wrap-around cover, devoted to one of my favorite movies. "The Time Machine." That alone made it worth buying.
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The artist painted Weena a bit slutty, though, which is the opposite of how she was in the movie.

And below, the article on "Kolchak," which was among the shows that I enjoyed at that time, as a teen watching at my Grandma's house when I went over. Regular readers will recall that I had no such TV privileges at my own house.

Fellow Trekkers will recognise Barry Atwater as the peace-loving Surak, in the episode "The Savage Curtain," pictured below.

Bonus: an ad from the same issue of an item I truly would love having now! Can you imagine, a dramatized version of the story narrated and voiced by Lee? I hope to find this somewhere, someday.

I want YOU... to order this record!


Unknown said...

"Castle of Frankenstein" was the BEST magazine from that era - a real trail blazer.
If it wasn't for COF we wouldn't have the high quality of monster movie journalism in magazines like "Rue Morgue" today.

Frederick said...


I agree, it was written on an adult level, unlike FM. It was a dense read, too, not just lots of photos with a little text and captions. I treasure each issue I bought, and hope to get some that I missed someday.

Unknown said...

I had heard about COF over the years (my own initial introduction to monster movie mags was "House of Hammer") and then only in the last couple years did I actually see an issue!
You're totally right about it being written on an adult level.
I've now managed to collect a few issues and love reading it!

Jay said...

Thanks for posting the Kolchak article. I am a huge fan of Kolchak and am always delighted to read anything about the TV movies and the series, particularly given how short-lived it was. I actually went as Kolchak last Halloween!

Also, I think I have an MP3 of the Chris Lee Dracula record from the ad. Its a pleasure to listen to. I'd enjoy listening to him read the phone book. I've got a whole CD-r of Christopher Lee reading several Poe stories and other bits of horror literature - even reading The Exorcist unabridged(!) - and its great stuff to have. Lee is an amazing character. Thank God he's still with us - and still working! He's in the new Nicholas Cage movie that's coming out in a few weeks.

Frederick said...


I too am glad that Lee has been pretty busy in movies the past few years. Too many like genre stars have languished in retirement and never done much in their older age. But Lee never seems to lose his charisma and vigor!

I am still enjoying the Kolchak DVD set I bought last year... but slowly, to make it last!

Anonymous said...

I remember ordering the dracula record from COF way back in the late 60's or early 70's when I was 13 or 14. I waited and waited and it never came - so about a year later I went to the local better business bureau and filed a complaint. about 2 weeks later the record arrived! I still have it.....

jim said... castle of frankenstein-specific page on facebook.