Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Fright Flicks" Trading Cards Post #2

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Some more of the cards in the "Fright Flicks" series from the '80's for your enjoyment, posted in random order since I don't have the whole set.

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leesa said...

Thanx so much for all the cool uploads!!!

I love the old Monster Cards and I was curious if you might know where to find any good scans of these really neato ones?

You'll Die Laughing (AKA Funny Monsters)
(Topps) Color Artwork 66 Cards Jack Davis

Horror Monster
(Nucard or Nu-Card) Green & Orange Duotone Photos 1-66 & 67-146 Cards

Monster Midgees (AKA Mini-Monster Laffs)
(Topps) B&W Photos 1-108 & 108-153 Cards

Outer Limits
(Bubbles aka Topps) Colorized Photos 50 Cards

Monster Laffs
(Topps) 66 B&W Cards