Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Den Beauvais Monster Art

Today's Monster Memory is brought to life by the extremely talented and prolific Den Beauvais. This faithful adaptation of the Universal classic "Frankenstein" is breathtakingly painted, and each page is worth framing. Visit his site, at to see what all he's done and is working on. If you're not a fan already, after visiting his site you will be.

Below are two pages that I scanned in and posted in a large format so you can appreciate the work and talent that went into this.

Below are pages of the artwork found on his site. Just looking at these make me happy for some reason.

To view all the pages of artwork of the ENTIRE comic, without the dialog balloons (and really, who needs 'em?) go here and feast your eyes!

After seeing the work he did on the Frankenstein adaptation, he was contracted to do the model kit box covers for the new Dark Horse versions of the old Aurora models so beloved by Monster Kids everywhere. Beautiful work.

The "Bathroom Buddies" below show his humorous side!

Drac actually coined the term "bloodbath" but few realised he meant it so literally. It was a pleasure also enjoyed by Countess Bathory, a.k.a. "Blood Bathory."

One sniff told him that there was a lycan meeting in the old clearing next Tuesday at 12:30... and that everyone should invite a human friend for after-meeting snacks.

All those brains and no fiber really clog up the old plumbing!

Werewolf? There... wolf!

For a 3D animation the guys will enjoy watching for hours on end, click here. Heck, some girls reading this might enjoy it!

Well, it's good to see someone with such a love for the genre being able to make a good living at it, and making us fellow fans happy as well. Den, we raise our voices in a howl of salute!

All artwork featured in this post is copyright Den Beauvais.

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