Thursday, August 5, 2010

1974 Article on Hammer's Mummy

From the first issue of "Movie Monsters," published in December of 1974, comes this review of Hammer studios 1959 version of "The Mummy." This is a movie I like, and watch at least once a year (during October, when I watch one horror movie an evening). The writer of the article has a somewhat lower opinion of the film, but it's still interesting reading. I enjoyed Christopher Lee's version, which was much scarier and dangerous than the old Universal mummy, where the intended victim could avoid it easily unless they froze in terror or it snuck up on them. I loved Hammer's re-interpretation of the classic monsters, and this film was no exception. Lee's towering form and great makeup, combined with his dynamic intensity made an unstoppable engine of death.

First, the cover of the mag... nice painting of the Cyclops!
(Click on images to enlarge.)

And, the article itself...

Bonus: Click the picture for a hi-rez image of another one of the Mummy posters!

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