Sunday, April 18, 2010

1974 "7th Voyage of Sinbad" article

From the first issue of the short-lived, but very good Movie Monsters magazine, published in December of 1974, comes this cover article on one of Ray Harryhausen's most loved fantasy films, "The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad." It's certainly my favorite. I have vivid memories of listening repeatedly to one of my new record singles, "Tell Me Something Good" by Rufus and babe Chaka Khan, as I read this issue. Both this magazine and that song take me back in my mind to when I was 16 and living in Macon, Ga.
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Below, an ad page for the various chapters on Super 8 film from the movie. (I snagged this online, it's not from the magazine.) Kids, before Home Video, these short segments on film were the only way to watch movies whenever you wanted!


John W. Morehead said...

Thanks for this trip down memory lane for what may be my favorite Harryhausen film.

Fred said...

I have this issue somewhere in the basement. Back then, I would buy ANY monster magazine/newspaper I could get my hands on. I still remember buying this during lunch break at one of the newstands near school, sneaking it back to 4th Grade class and looking at it when the teacher had her back turned.

Frederick said...


That's how I got most of my good reading done!