Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1973 "Asylum" article

"Psycho" was very similar in layout and content as the "Castle of Frankenstein" monster magazine, the main difference being that it was mainly original stories in black and white comic book form, like Warren Publishing's "Creepy." But it did include some articles on monster movies and TV shows, with the layout in the unorthodox style as in "CoF." This time I present the write-up on my favorite of the Amicus anthologies, "Asylum," from Issue #12, which came out in May of 1973.

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By the way, reviewer, thanks for spoiling the ending with the bit about Robert Powell... way to go!

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Booksteve said...

Are you sure that PSYCHO had anything to do with CASTLE OF FRANKENSTEIN? I've never heard that. CoF had been coming out for a decade by the time Sol Brodsky and Israel Waldman formed Skywald and came out with their comics and magazines.