Thursday, July 9, 2009

1979 "Alien" poster magazine (updated)

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Although I somehow missed the first issue of the Alien poster magazine, I was lucky enough to find the second one at the Ft. Lauderdale tobacco shop/newstand where I got most of my monster magazines back in 1979. "Alien" really was the first major release of a sci-fi/monster movie to include such terror and graphic scenes of carnage, and many movie-goers were unprepared for the intensity and gore.

The only part of the magazine omitted for this post is the poster in the middle, it's too big to scan; but it was an image of the "space jockey's" wierdly-shaped ship on the surface of LV-426, later named Archeron. Below is the back cover of the magazine, highlighting some of the incredibly detailed sets created for the spaceship, essentially a factory in space. .

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Kemény Husi said...

Aw, good for you, man. I've just got the first issue, it has details about the Nostromo's crew members, a "making of" stuff and a one-page photo of Ripley.

The poster is a photo of the Space Jockey's remains, looks awesome.

Do you know how many issues there were?

Frederick said...


Thanks for commenting! I don't know how many issues they published, but the one I bought was the only one I ever saw, so probably not very many.

Two items I bought back then were a large-format paperback with a photostory of the whole movie, and a graphic novel adaptation. Both probably collector's items now!

Old Folkie said...

Cool, don't remember seeing those.
I do have the Graphic Novel by Archie Goodwin & Walter Simonson, bloodier than the movie ever was. :D

Frederick said...


Thanks for commenting! True, that graphic novel was graphic in more ways than one! Surprising for the time.

Dr. Theda said...

I have the same one too...
The Doctor