Friday, June 5, 2009

Dinosaurs Attack: Day Thirty-Two

(Click on images to view Supersaurus-sized!)

"I just knew this would happen to me someday!"

And, here we are with the last two bonus cards from the graphic novel, as card C, painted by fan-fave Earl Norem, depicts a scenario that many air travelers fear; midflight ejection by an attacking Pteranodon the size and disposition of Rodan.

Below, card D, a humorous (till it happens to you) scene that shows a light-on-his-feet dinosaur absconding with an infant, much to the horror of his babysitter and pals. I think they can safely rule out the mother asking them to watch the baby again.

Below, as we look at the last of the Earl Norem paintings done for the graphic novel adaptation, we see the final panel of the attack on the bridge, and begin another short but violent vignette.

In an homage to the famous scene from "Beast From 20,000 Fathoms," the next page shows a heroic policemen wolfed down by a dinosaur irritated by his ineffective gunfire.

And below we get a Pterodactyl's-eye view of the nation's capitol as the flying terrors gather for a feast, on the last page of this issue. Too bad that the other books in the series were never published. I would love to see the artwork that might have been done for them but never released.

One of the preview panels from the back of the book gives us a glimpse at the promised fun which never materialized. Wouldn't you like to see an animated film, even direct-to-DVD, released that adapted the story in the Earl Norem-style artwork? Dream on, Fred....

Next: the final entry from the graphic novel, an article that reveals some facts about the art.

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