Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day of the Dead video release poster

Today's Monster Memories are of:
The video release ad for "Day of the Dead"

Oh, you're gonna love me for this one. When you click on the image you'll get a bloodshot eyefull of zombiedom's main man, Bub, in a cool painting to tout the movie's 1986 release to VHS. This was a full-page ad slick, 8 1/2 by 11, sent out to video dealers, one of which kindly passed his tossed-off promotional materials to me. And now I'm posting a hi-rez scan just for you.

And, for no particular reason other than I like you, below are some pictures I took while in Savannah, GA recently. That town has the most photogenic cemeteries in the country, I think. That's where the graveyard scenes in "City of the Living Dead" were filmed. Why more movies aren't made in these historic cemeteries, I don't know, but they are awesome, and huge. You could film in any direction and never view anything but old tombstones and moss-covered trees as far as the eye can see.

Heads up!

Usually if I were to add a post about a monster magazine, it would be right here... but this monster magazine has a Star Trek cover story, so I'm featuring it on my other blog, "My Star Trek Scrapbook." Beam on over and check it out! I even gleaned something from it for my Held Over! movie ad blog.


wiec? said...

that's an awesome score, thanks for sharing.

i remember seeing the poster in the video store when i was a 10 year old kid. i thought since the cover was a drawing the movie must be a cartoon. a really cool cartoon.

when i asked the guy behind the counter if they had it in stock he told me "it's no cartoon and it's not for kids. maybe when you're older." i remember hating that guy for the rest of the day.

then i saw the movie at a friend's house a few weeks later. i wouldn't have rented it to me either i guess. one of my favorite movies though.

Anonymous said...

These gravestone pictures are so creepy, but when you actually look at them carefully, there are very intricate designs on them. The landmark to serve as a reminder will be there a lot longer than anybody's memory will exist.

Fred said...

My crazy cousins used to let their then 3 year old son watch Day of the Dead, which he called "Brains." As for the Savanah graveyard, that was featured in the non-horror Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Not my favorite Eastwood film, but it had its moments.