Thursday, September 10, 2009

Frankenstein: 1973

Back in August of 2008 I scanned and posted a story from a 1974 edition of Skywald Publishing's "Scream" magazine titled "2073: The Death of the Monster" under the post title of "The Death of Frankenstein." In it I wondered about the abrupt start of the story with no explanation of how the Monster suddenly came to be there in 2073. Well, as I was looking through this issue of Nightmare, published in June of 1973 for something to scan for this blog, I came across this earlier chapter in the story that explained how the Monster came to be there.

Strange that the story here continues what was in another magazine a year earlier. I inadvertantly am posting them in reverse order, and even this one is in the middle of the series, as there is at least another one before it. But, each one is interesting, so here you go. Maybe someday we'll have them all here!

First, the awesomely incredible cover to the issue, put out in June of 1973. Truly nightmarish!

And now, we jump directly into the story, just as it was published in the magazine....

Next, proceed to the earlier post to read the final chapter, if you haven't already, titled "2073: The Death of The Monster."